Thursday, July 21, 2016

Uveitis returns

Just a quick update as yesterday I thought the expedition was going to be over before it began as my Uveitis flared up again.

I was first diagnosed with the condition in my right eye around 4 years ago and it flares up every now and again, prompting a visit to the rather marvelous team at Moorfields Eye hospital. For most of the time it lies dormant and I go on with day to day life.

Every now and again it flares up prompting a series of drops and creams to be taken, starting off hourly and tapering off. During the time that the drops are active I can't wear my contact lenses or see properly out of my right eye as the pupil is dilated to absorb the drugs. (The first time I was diagnosed the drops didn't work which meant I had to have injections into my eye - I'm not ashamed to admit I passed out!). Given that I will need to wear my lenses and see where I am going on The Matterhorn it was a serious problem, however, the timing was lucky in that I will be down to twice a day by then and can apply the drop well before I set off on any given day and last thing at night when I dispose of them.

A very close call, a week later and it would have been over before it began

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