Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Out of the mouths of Babes

With just over 4 weeks to go until we fly out to The Matterhorn it's all getting rather serious.

Having said that there was a moment of extreme amusement as well as crudeness at the weekend as Guy, myself and Lily, my daughter walked from Lewes to Alfriston. It was late into a very hot afternoon on the South Downs, with heavy packs and sweaty bodies that after yet another expulsion of wind to dilute the pleasantly cooling sea breeze that Lily asked, "Is that all you two do? Walk and fart!"

Bang to rights she had us!

Better to do that out in the open than in the confines of the tent we were sharing is my only defence.

All in all another good weekend of walking, this time with a very heavy load, tomorrow it's back to the gym!

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