Monday, August 8, 2016

Sweetness and Sadness

Well this time in two weeks I hope to be heading down after successfully reaching the summit of The Matterhorn. However, it would be wrong of me to gloss over the tragic events of the weekend described here. The thoughts of myself and Guy are with their families, but perhaps underline the scale of the task we are undertaking. Recently there has been a lot of coverage about Pippa Middleton's successful summit and a double amputee which has led to some gentle p*ss taking, it's all stopped rather abruptly!

For those taking the trouble to read this I would add that we are going with a highly qualified guide who is under no illusion from my wife that wants me back safe and sound! (Lily wants a Swiss Army knife whereas Nat wants the biggest Toblerone I can carry!!!)

Speaking of my daughters, they came with me to the gym recently to video me doing a Nick Matthew bike routine and so here it is.

It's very sweet, as well as sweaty. Just a couple more of those and two S&C sessions and it's time to taper down!

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