Friday, January 29, 2016

No going back now

Well here it is 2016 and the year I tackle the might of The Matterhorn.

Form here on in I will be posting at least monthly to update progress and bore you all into submission.

During the October half term last year I went with the family to Skye for a week which was fabulous and whilst I didn't do any serious climbing it was good to get out into the hills and enjoy some great weather, including getting sunburned! (Yes you did read that right)

Anyway the festive period is well and truly over and preparations are beginning in earnest. Key dates this year are 1st of Feb (Happy Birthday to me!) when the fundraising launch happens at Lewsey Sports Park to coincide with the 1sts v 2nds of Luton and Dunstable Squash Club. The captains have indulged me with a rather fabulous gift by allowing Lily and Natalie to play in either side at 5th string.

5th Feb 3 days in Glencoe hopefully getting some winter climbing in. Potentially Guy and my first foray into doing it for ourselves so to speak!

Then it's into 10th June where I am going to do the whole Mamore traverse in one hit travelling light.

Finally departure date for Geneva is 17th August and flights are booked and second and penultimate installment has been paid to James our guide, with summit attempts scheduled for either 23rd or 24th!

It's suddenly all very real.

As mentioned elsewhere the whole purpose of this effort is to raise funds for a defibrillator in our club at Lewsey and any surplus going to C-R-Y in memory of Harry Faulkner.

Donations to the former can be made via here when the target of £2,000 is reached then please go here

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank two people who have contributed hugely in kind to the cause with their support. Gary Nisbet of Unique Fitness Solutions for transforming me from a weakling into being complimented as being "strong" by a young woman at the gym which caused me to blush like a teenage virgin. Mohammed Azam who has designed and created this rather fabulous website which has a considerably sexier name than this blog and has facilitated me being able to design a suitable t-shirt

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