Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Plans coming together

It's been nearly a month since my last post (for the most part that is the sort of time period I aim to post until nearer the time) and already much progress has been made in all sorts of regards, despite a rather annoying recurrence of my Uveitis. 


As far as Training goes Gary has issued me with phase 4 of my programme. Despite having worked with Gary for around a year now I am still surprised at how quickly I make gains. In a month I have gone to 60kg on the deadlift and on a good day can do 6 and 3 5's on the pull-ups and my Squat and Press has seen a similar improvement to my deadlift, up to 30kg! 

I haven't made such good progress on the Turkish Get-ups, I find 6kg relatively easy with my right arm, but a real challenge for the final sets on my left - I often wonder, given my lopsidedness, how I manage to walk around not looking like Quasimodo!

The 6am starts on my weekday visits to the gym are a challenge it has to be said and it has surprised me how sometimes I have the gym to myself, then for no apparent reason it's rammed on my next visit.

A further bit of training I am doing is perhaps unusual. I have given up lifts for Lent (elevators for those so inclined) which may not sound much, but my office is on the 13th floor and on the days I play squash it involves me carrying all my kit up - twice!

Further expeditions

Guy and I have planned our next visit to the Highlands and we aim to be in and out with military precision. Departing on the sleeper on Friday 26th June to Glasgow, hop in a hire car to Fort William to arrive mid morning with all our provisions. Tackle the Mamore ten with a wild camp along the way and back to Glasgow, hopefully via the Clachaig Inn for dinner and get the sleeper back to London and return to work on the 29th.

Hopefully from the map you can see that the route involves climbing ten Munros over the course of around 18 hours. The idea being it will be good preparation for the long slog on The Matterhorn. The key differences are that this won't involve any technical climbing, but it will include carrying significantly more gear including sleeping bag and tent.

In addition, with the revisions to the sleeper service and the ability to book 12 months in advance we have already booked our winter weekend in Feb 2016 which may well be our final bit of hardcore training before The Matterhorn. If nothing else it will be good to return to The Clachaig Inn where hopefully the weather will be just as good as this year's trip and not as it currently is, stormbound!

The grand ascent plans

The Grand ascent plans are progressing well and at the time of writing are closing in on a deal with James Thackery with really just the date to be decided then it will be all systems go to actually begin the process of booking flights and accommodation etc.

Fundraising vehicles

Most importantly things are progressing well for creating the most efficient fundraising vehicles for funding a defibrillator for Lewsey Sports Park, thanks to Active Luton, with the surplus going to C-R-Y in memory of Harry Faulkner. Once the details are announced it will be time for me to urge you to dig deep for an excellent cause.

Expect a further update in about a month.

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