Friday, January 30, 2015

In the beginning

For those of you who know me you will know that, quite literally, the Matterhorn has loomed large on my horizon for some time.

The background is detailed here 

Now that it does loom so large it's time to think about training, fundraising and other such things.

Following our Skye exploits of 2012, Alan Kimber told us that technically we were good enough to tackle the monster but recommended that we undertake some winter expeditions in Scotland, initially guided, then some on our own.

We did our first guided winter session in 2013 again under the enthusiastic tutelage of Spike who had seen us safely round the Cuillin. To say that was an eye-opener would be to understate it. The climbing itself wasn't too bad and the descent was a lot of fun and took me back to my school days wading through snow. The problem was navigation.....

In whiteout conditions on Ben Nevis frankly Guy and I were out of our depth and we were grateful for Spike's presence (Afterwards we undertook a navigation course in the South Downs. The feeling of elation when we found a pond which was represented on the map as a pin prick in absolute darkness was something neither of us expected.)

Day 2 was from a climbing perspective more challenging, but also more rewarding.

Now it's time for the next level which begins next week with a trip to Glen Coe, The plan is to warm up ourselves on day 1 by tackling Ben Vorlich near Loch Lomond, then have a day with Max then whatever we do that day repeat on our final day on our own.

So that's the history and a preview.

In due course I will set up a just giving account as I intend to do this to raise funds for C-R-Y  and in particular fund a defibrillator to be located at my squash club in memory of Harry Faulkner one of our members tragically taken from us aged merely 18! I will also post periodically about my progress.


  1. Paul - this looks like a tremendous challenge you are undertaking.
    Do let me know when your just giving page is set up for CRY, etc.

    Good luck with all the training going forward & with the adventure itself.


  2. Cheers Ian, will do - apologies for the delay in responding.

    Thanks for your support